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The following explains the official rules and regulations for competing in the Memphis Grilled Cheese Cook-off Competition. The MGCC retains the right to amend, modify, or terminate the rules at any time and at our sole discretion. Any questions regarding the rules can be sent to


It is the responsibility of the competitor to be familiar with the rules of competing in the event.  A copy of the rules will be made available to any competitor on the day of the event, should you have any questions regarding the rules.




For Competitors

All competitors must register on-line in advance of the competition.  There will be NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION ALLOWED.

There will be a maximum of 22 teams of 6 people for this event.

Before registration, all competitors MUST familiarize themselves with the rules as well as educate themselves as to safe and sanitary cooking and handling of food.


For the purposes of fairness, each person will only be allowed to enter ONE (1) entry per category in the four categories.


Competition Fee

Each competitor must pay competition fee of $150 and must paid with registration.





Competitors can start to load in and setup at 9am.  You must be setup and have car off street by 10:30.  People will start to show up at 11:30, because people don’t understand start times, so you need to have everything setup and ready to go by 12. You may start to break down and load out at 5:45 pm.  But we will have people and traffic to deal with, so please be patience.




What Will Be Provided to You

• We will provide power, if you need it, but you will need to bring power strips and a 50 ft extension cord

• We will provide entry boxes for sandwiches and soup for judging.

Onsite, you will be assigned a numbered grilling station area. The MGCC will provide power to each station ONLY TO THE ONES REQUESTED.


Please check-in day of to see where you will be stationed, team lanyards (for beer yay!) and goodie bags.

What You Need to Bring


Please be sure to bring any and all supplies and ingredients necessary to turn in three (3) sandwiches for each catgory you wish to compete in.  See the Sammich Categories below for more details on what is allowed for each category. Do not take anyone else’s supplies to complete your sammich. You will be shunned for stealing, disqualified from competition, plus, it just ain’t nice.


PLEASE NOTE: Any perishable items MUST be kept in a cooler with ice and be stored at safe temperatures (below 45F).

ANY COOKING EQUIPMENT IS ALLOWED THIS YEAR.  This includes gas, grill, propane, whatever you can cook on goes.


It is YOUR responsibility to bring all ingredients, cooking utensils and appliances needed to make grilled cheese and tomato soup (if competing in that category) necessary.


**You must provide your own serving utensils, if needed, for Fan Favorite category. Ie…soups need spoons and little cups.  LIT is the best place to grab these things.


When handling foodstuffs, all competitors WILL wear sanitary, disposable gloves, which YOU must provide.

Simply put, bring what you need to get the job done, just remember you are cooking outside in December.  We are providing entry boxes for judging.


All entries for category submissions must be cooked and prepared onsite.

If participating in multiple categories, same item submissions will NOT be accepted. I.e. if you submit “lobster grilled cheese” in the Most Ridiculous category, you may NOT also submit this same dish into Grand Champion category.  NO REPEATS ALLOWED.


How Many Sammiches to Make


Be prepared to cook at least three (3) regular sized sammiches and four (4) bowls of tomato soup for judging purposes.  We will provide turn in containers for this. Obviously, consistency will be a key element to a sammich’s performance.  Remember that one category is Fan Favorite, so make sure to make extras of each category to provide to fans.  They will be voting also, so give them the good stuff too.


How Fan Favorite Works


Each team should hand out samples of any grilled cheese and/or tomato soup they wish to earn the fans their vote.  Fans will need to give a donation to vote for their favorite grilled cheese or tomato soup.  We will have donation buckets for each team.  The team with the most donations will win Fan Favorite.  PLEASE DO NOT DEMAND DONATIONS.


Time Limits


All grilling will be done in separate 60-minute heats and each competitor will have only 60 minutes to complete their grilling.  That’s one hour.  No exceptions!  Spatulas down means spatulas down.  Go ahead and practice so that you can grill 5 sammiches in 60 minutes.



Category Turn in Times

• 1st- Most Cheesiest- Turn in at 1:30

• 2nd- Most Ridiculous- Turn in at 2:30

• 3rd- Best Tomato Soup- Turn in at 3:00

• 4th –Grand Champion- Turn in at 5:00

NO LATE SUBMISSIONS ALLOWED, so get a watch, a buddy with a watch or set a timer, but please be on time.  Thanks!!


How Your Sammich/Soup Will Be Judged

You entry will be judged on taste, appearance, after taste, cheesiness and overall yumminess.





• Most Ridiculous-This means anything goes.  Just remember everyone looks to Pinterest for ideas, so think more outside the box.  Ie; lobster, spam, sweet breads….

• Most Cheesiest- This one is the simple one.  Bread and cheese, but what kind of bread and cheese???  This category will be judge as a simple bread and cheese grilled.  This needs to be stick to your ribs cheesy.  The judges shouldn’t be able to whistle for four days after trying.

• Fan Favorite- Each team will have a donation box on their table where guests can give a donation as their vote.  Best advice for this is when you are cooking for judging, throw a few extras on the grill to hand out to guests.  Anything goes with this category, fix your favorite grilled cheese, let a teammate go wild and fix something special, so just make sure you have something to give.  All donations for this category voting will go straight to our benefiting rescue.

• Best Tomato Soup-This category is all about the soup.  Most be tomato and must be in a bowl.  Other than that, whatevs.

• Grand Champion-This is the best grilled cheese our city has to offer.  Doesn’t have to be over the top, just has to be the best.  Remember no repeat entries, so please don’t turn in your most ridiculous grilled cheese again.  Try for a different sandwich.




Judging will take place at 6:00 inside Hi Tone.  Once the scores have been received and tallied, the top three scores of each category will be declared winners for the competitions. First place winners only will receive a trophy.





Things YOU need to bring

• All ingredients needed to cook whatever you are planning on cooking

• Serving platter for Fan Favorite to pass out.

• Any cooking appliances you need to cook what you are planning on cooking. Please only use two cooking appliances at a time.  Power will trip if ANYONE plugs in and uses more than two.  So only two appliances used at a time.  Sorry, but with 22 teams using heating power… power tripping is an issue we don’t want to have happen.

• 6 foot tables

• Power Strip, if using our power

• 50 ft extension cords, if using our power

• Cooking utensils

• Cooler if you need to keep your ingredients cooled

• Ice, duh

• Paper towels/towels for your messes.  You will make a mess, so make sure you have a way to clean it up.  We do have a mop though.

• Extra food to make for fan favorite category.  We are expecting a lot of people, so hit up that Wonder Bread outlet store!

• And anything else you think you might need.

• Load in 9am, cars off street by 10:30, ready to go by 11:45, break down 5:45






Compete Form

Compete Form


November 5, 2017


Hi Tone

412 N Cleveland

Memphis, TN  38104